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︎ concealed transportation



is a purpose oriented concealed-carrying system.
It comprises three different layers:

Outer Shell - the oversized cut allows for considerable internal storage as well as integration of several more layers.

Load Carrying Vest - the vest has not only waterproof but also smell- and radiation-proof pockets and is made from a non-flammable and abrasion proof Nylon. This Vest allows for storage in 12 different pockets.

Inner Lining - the lining is made from a soft cotton textile for a smooth feeling when worn.

Once the three layers are being assembled to a Coat, the Vest will be hidden between Shell and Lining. The Layers connect through strong integrated magnets.

The design goal of the Border-Walker is to give the wearer the abillity to successfully transport private items of any sort, undiscovered.
It is most relevant to the Military and the  Private Security Sector but benefits civilians as well.